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Goldray Feel The Change 13/6/20

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Rising’ in 2017, Kenwyn House (Reef) and Leah Rasmussen (EMI, Bedrock, Renaissance) aka Goldray, return with an eight-track Psych-Rock fuelled second album ‘Feel The Change’, on Friday 31st July, of which their recent single is today's Video Of The Day. Their new music exudes their inspiration and passion, as testified by 'How Do You Know', which builds through the entirety of its four-minutes demonstrating Rasmussen’s huge range and power vocally, ending with a massive crescendo. Plus ‘Oz’ - the other double a-side single - a monster seven-minute-plus track driven through House’s incredible guitar playing, is an ambitious journey of Rock and Psych, building with power, then dropping into a feeling of surreal psychedelia only to be slapped back in the face with the thunderous riff!

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