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Goldfever 21/1/17

"From here it's on to 'Love Will Always Find A Way'. A very laid back song, which would sound perfectly at home on Radio 2 on a lazy Sunday afternoon.Sounding a lot like Chris Rea, it's a tale of a couple who have to run away to be together, and is very much a song my Mum would say was a lovely little tune. Next up is my favourite track on the album, 'The Rain Will Come And Wash It All Away' is a beautiful song which starts with Townend's great vocals and a simple acoustic guitar before gospel backing singers gently join in, giving the song extra richness & depth. A great song. A shame then that my favourite song is followed by one which feels like the only "filler" track on the album. 'Help From The Lord Above' feels a bit laboured and meandering which is not helped by the repetitive lyrics, this would be the song to be skipped over on repeated plays of this CD."

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