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Going Solo Again! 4/10/16

Bob was Jules-less on Saturday night's Rock On The Ridge show - but not only did he announce news that next week's show would include interview's with all the bands that played BluesRockFest, but he also kindly dedicated a track to the WRC! Anyway today's Track Of The Day includes tracks from Alter Bridge, Glenn Hughes, The Brew, RavenEye, Tengger Cavalry, The Mission, The Answer (pictured), Tax The Heat, Scorpion Child, Ryan McGarvey, Southern Culture on the Skids, Tito & Tarantula, Last Bullet, Preacher Stone, Kyng, Suns of Stone, Andrew Watt, Rival Sons, Crobot (dedicated to AJ), House of Lords, E.L.O., Mott the Hoople, Blacktop Mojo, Joe Bonamassa and one of ROTR's favourite bands Vanilla Women!

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