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God Is An Astronaut 5/2/21

Reigning as one of the most well-known experimental instrumental groups out there with a respected musical legacy spanning nearly 20 years, Irish four-piece God Is An Astronaut will reach a career benchmark next Friday 12th February, upon the release of their 10th studio album, 'Ghost Tapes #10', of which the first track, 'Burial', is today's Video Of The Day. Founded by Niels and Torsten Kinsella in 2002, every piece of music the band has breathed life into since then has offered an intense sonic soundscape, leading the listener through an ethereal and emotional Post Rock dive into infinite atmospheres. Indeed, 'Ghost Tapes #10' rekindles the band’s classic line up with Jamie Dean once again on piano and guitar duties, and rather than pick up where the quartet left off in 2018, explores a radically different approach, with the focus fixed on movement and intensity. While the album is certainly the most ferocious full-length to date, it still retains all of the rich musical and emotive elements the band is known for by manoeuvring around luminescence whilst offering harsh, deep reflections as well.


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