God Bless America 8/8/17

The Mighty Bosscats are currently working on their tenth album - 'God Bless America' - a celebration of six old songs which have matured over time plus eleven newbies written by Richard Townend. As usual with TMB the song subject matter varies and includes the USA shenanigans of 8th November last year, the ferocious volume of celebrity deaths in 2016, preachers, emotions and much much more. It's an album drenched with Americana music and includes Allan Kelly making a return on beautiful pedal steel, Greg Camburn offering some delicious sax, Phil Wilson has dropped on to double bass for the majority of the tracks and their newest friend, Phil Ockelford on guitar, has provided some great acoustic rhythm to the band sound and great backing vocals. He'll also be joining them for a few future gigs. It's going to be one cool album!