Glossii Tour Kicks Off Tonight 19/7/18

Glossii (Video Of The Day) is a four piece Rock/Post Punk band created around South London in early 2017 by Charlie Lock and guitarist Lewis Smith, along with vocalist Sofia Zanghirella and latest joining member, drummer Reuben Rost. Glossii's hard-hitting riffs and bursts of aggression create the ubiquitous back-beat for Sofia’s femme-fatale lyrical insight- reminiscent of other bands such as Wolf Alice and Garbage with a detection and a nod to the original allure of Blondie. Already hailed as 'unforgettable' by thnksfrthrvw, Glossii release their new single 'Headache' today, which they celebrate by joining HMLtd at The Boileroom in Guildford tonight, before they head out on their Viva La Helen tour.