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Glitter Machine Take The Pain 4/8/19

Glitter Machine dropped their second single 'Take The Pain' from their debut album, 'Hanging Out For Fame', on Friday, which is today's Video Of The Day. Having first emerged in 2018, this quartet stuck out from the off. Over the last couple of years, the band comprising of vocalist and guitarist John McKeown, bass player Rik Hornby, drummer Paul Stone and guitarist Dominic McGuiness, have begun to have a real impact upon the music industry. 'Take The Pain' is a true testament to the band’s effortless ability to write deep meaningful compelling songs. The single showcases McKeown’'s raw and gritty vocals which sets Glitter Machine apart. They will be ready to mix it all up again when they go back into the studio later this year to record their second album; a musical treat well worth waiting for as they look forward to a continually brighter future.

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