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Givin la Vida Loca! 19/12/21

With all proceeds going to Shelter, swashbuckling renegade Sleaze-Flamenco Rock Rumba Punk 'n' Roll pioneers, Gypsy Pistoleros, are unashamedly aiming for the Christmas No.1 spot with a cracking version of the world anthem, 'Livin la Vida Loca', which the band released on Friday, accompanied by today's Day of the Dead Girls meets 'Addicted To Love' parody Video Of The Day. Following the release this August of their highly anticipated and critically acclaimed album, 'The Mescalito Vampires', plus outstanding sets at both HRH Sleaze and Hard Rock Hell XIV, the band ended 2021 on Friday with an exclusive 'The Mescalito Vampires' special limited edition double 10" moon coloured vinyl and gatefold sleeve re-release (including two extra tracks) via Heavy Rocka Recordings.


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