Gig #2 Tonite - The Brothers Landreth 3/3/16

"Joey and Ariel’s boogie-woogie guitars heralded ‘Runaway Train’ as we continued down the ‘LIL’ track slowing down at ‘Nothin’, then all-change with the hand-clapping audience participation of the Staple Singers ‘Tell Him What You Want – Jesus On The Mainline’ and then back on track and finishing with the album stand-out ‘Our Love’ – and again despite no keys - the foundation of the song was built for the classic guitar solo from Posen - although the Prog in me maintains it ends too early! The guys were on a roll and the encore began slowly with the delightful ‘Greenhouse’, continued with ‘Where Were We’ and despite their ‘roots’ being from Winnipeg - ‘Dixie’ I suppose was never more appropriate to round off a memorable evening!" That was AJ's take on The Brothers Landreth last August and both Mr. Rockrpix and Big Ian will be there at The Garage, London, representing the WRC tonight!