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Geoff Tate Operation: Mindcrime Review 7/12/18

"The stage is almost completely cleared for the headline act leaving maximum room for everyone to move around. The hospital intro starts rolling for 'Anarchy X', and the crowd cheers as the opening notes of 'Revolution Calling' fill the room. I've got to say that all the way through the sound was good with the vocals coming over very clearly. And that's the point here, we have come mainly to hear the vocals. Tate was amazing 30 years ago and age seems to have done little to reduce his mazing vocal range. Yes, of course there are concessions, but he still delivers a totally compelling performance."

Read the whole of Hugh Wilson's Geoff Tate Operation: Mindcrime, The Underworld, Camden, London gig review from last Saturday here plus check out our photo gallery here.

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