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Genesis XIX 28/10/20

Seminal Thrash Metal Titans Sodom release their new blistering 16th studio album, ‘Genesis XIX’, on Friday 27th November on Steamhammer/SPV. The Teutonic legends were formed in 1981 by bassist/vocalist Tom Angelripper in Altenessen, deep in the heart of the Ruhr area, a bleak industrial landscape dominated by the dirty, back-breaking coal mining industry since the mid-19th-century, where the band still rehearse in a tatty rehearsal room to produce their tough-as-nails music. Following the first relaxation of the lockdown rules, Tom, along with guitarists Frank Blackfire and Yorck Segatz, as well as new addition Toni Merkel (drums), couldn’t wait to get back to writing creatively. Incredibly fired up by both frustration and inspiration, the band consequently went into overdrive to create the twelve killer songs contained on the storming ‘Genesis XIX’.

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