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Generation Antichrist 13/7/20

UK Thrashers Onslaught release 'Generation Antichrist' on Friday 7th August, their seventh album, inspired by a world, so full of hatred, megalomaniacs and political madness. Led by founding guitarist Nige Rockett, if you like your Thrash Metal brutal and extreme, then this is definitely the album for you! Well overdue, 'Generation Antichrist' follows five years of touring, not only promoting their last studio album 'VI', but also the 30th Anniversary of their 1986 'The Force' album. With their dominant groove, plus new vocalist Dave Garnett on board, the band are storming back to where they belong, ripping up the form book along the way! Also consisting of Wayne Dorman (guitars), Jeff Williams (bass) and James Perry (drums), it's time to add another gem to their legacy and unleash a new beast in 'Generation Antichrist'!


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