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Gary Rossington 7/3/23

"Coming onstage to rapturous applause, following a burst of AC/DC's ‘Thunderstruck’, Lynyrd Skynyrd stood comfortably on stage. Ricky Medlocke, Mark Matejka and the only original member, Gary Rossington, all filling out that big guitar sound Lynyrd Skynyrd is famous for, the band really couldn't miss." That was part of our take just under eight years ago when we reviewed Lynyrd Skynyrd at London's Hammersmith Apollo, and sadly on Sunday we lost the last surviving member of the original Southern Rock band, guitarist Gary Rossington (pictured right), at the age of 71, and once again today, we let the music do the talking, as we dedicate today's Video Of The Day of 'I Need You' to Gary, recorded on that very same night in April 2015.


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