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Gary Grainger at TNMC Tonite! 24 March 2015

Quietly, in the background and without screaming it from the rooftops, Gary Grainger has done more for the Blues in the UK than many others put together. As a musician he's been playing in bands since the early 70's and was finalist in the 'Emerging Artist' category of The British Blues Awards last year. Whilst making his mark as a performer in his own right, he's also been winning awards as a DJ with 'The Blues Show' for some five years - breaking countless up and coming artists, supporting the careers of the established and generally ensuring that the genre is brought to the widest audience possible. And even with all that going on he's also found the time to pull together such things as a benefit gig for Walter Trout. Now he's making an incredibly rare trip down South from his native North East to bring his live show to The TNMC. What an opportunity for the Blues community to show their appreciation for someone who's done so much. So make your way tonight to the venue at Hooley Hall, St Margarets Road, Hooley Village, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 3RB and give Gary the welcome he so richly deserves!

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