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G3 Apollos 26/4/18

Hot on the heels of world-renowned guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani releasing his 16th solo album 'What Happens Next' at the beginning of this year, Satriani revived his G3 Tour entity in the middle of March, with the show winding up on Monday 30th April in Birmingham. Playing shows in many European countries, including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and more, Satriani landed at London's Hammersmith Apollo last night with Dream Theater’'s John Petrucci and the former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth - with each guitarist performing their own set, followed by a brilliant jam at the end of the show. With a review and more photos to come, please check out today's Video Of The Day.

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