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Fuctifano Babies 24/2/20

UK Punk legends Peter And The Test Tube Babies are back with their latest and greatest set of recordings, 'Fuctifano', which will be released on Friday 6th March via Arising Empire, of which their single 'Queen Of F***ing Everything' is today's Video Of The Day. Remember the 70’s and Glam Rock? Well it’s back, on the right track and in yer face, as they share their love of that era with a homage to Sweet, Slade and T. Rex, combining all the colourful glittery pomp of Glam with the darker edge of Punk Rock. Since 1978, vocalist Peter Bywaters and guitarist Del Greening have always remained the Babies foundation, and they are celebrating with a party on release night at Berlin's Quasimodo with 2018 recruits Nick Abnett on bass and Sam Fuller on drums.


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