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Frontiers Rockingham This Weekend 20/10/18

Creye, who released their eponymous debut album last Friday, was put together by Grand Design guitarist Andreas Gullstrand in 2015. His vision was to start a new Swedish Pop/Rock sensation that would take listeners on a journey back to the glory days of the 80's, settling on what can be described as a slick Melodic Rock sound with a retro touch. Having debuted in 2016 with the well received single ‘Never Too Late’, a three song EP ‘Straight To The Top’ was released the following Spring that showcased a mature and evolved sound that serves as the blueprint for their self-titled first album. While Creye’s music is clearly influenced by the sound of the 80’s, Andreas is no stranger to more modern production techniques. Anyone into bands such as Work of Art, Art Nation, One Desire and early H.E.A.T will appreciate Creye and they are more than ready to live up to the hype generated by their initial single releases. Creye (today's Track Of The Day) play Nottingham's Rockingham Festival this Sunday alongside Frontiers stablemates Find Me, Pretty Maids and Warrant, with Bigfoot, Ammunition, Tokyo Motor Fist and Nelson also appearing today.

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