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From The Van 27/7/20

ike many musicians and bands around the world, members of Montreal's Heavy Stoner Rockers Paradise have been separated from one another as a precaution to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not able to see each other to have regular jams along with postponements of performances, the band, consisting of Fred Crew Grr (guitar), Matt Hias (drums), Fred Kelly (bass), R.L. Black (vocals) and Frank Kelly (lead guitar), has adapted to the state of the world and continues to promote their heavy and winding arrangements of Corrosive Rock with the creation of a new quarantine video series entitled "From The Van". Today's Track Of The Day is their first FTV video, 'Away From You', taken from their new eponymous album released in March, that sways on the line between Hard Stoner Rock and Pure Heavy Metal.

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