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From The Ashes 2/5/18

Refuge marks the reunion of arguably the most successful, line-up of the German Metal band Rage, featuring Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmidt and Christos Efthimiadis. Refuge played some hugely successful festival shows in mainland Europe in the summer of 2015. The audience reaction to the 1988-1993 Rage songs they performed was truly overwhelming and exceeded all expectations. More shows were played in 2016, including three in Japan, exactly 20 years after they had played their last shows together first time around, coincidentally also in Japan! The debut album by Refuge, entitled ‘Solitary Men’, due out on Friday 8th June, is the first album of original material from the classic Rage line-up in a quarter of a century and will surely satisfy fans who remember their now legendary albums. Check out their single 'From The Ashes' which is today's Track Of The Day.

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