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Free Blacktop Deluxe Single Download! 30 March 2015

The Blacktop boys have been in touch and we're delighted to include their excellent new single 'Suds & Crow' as our 'Video Of The Day'. Not only that - but you can download the single for FREE here and it will appear in its full form on their second - yet to be named - album due for recording this May. The guys have already received lots of 'pre-orders' from friends all over the world which has really helped them in the 'up front' costs of recording, duplicating and producing the finished product. The more pre-orders they get will help them achieve as early a release date as possible, so if you are interested then please go here.Their plan is to have a minimum of 11 tracks on the album, possibly including a version of the 'Blue on Black' song 'Man Down' - a popular request on their live set.

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