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Forgot To Forget 8/2/18

"Jones' opening drums heralded 'Pressure Valve', the first song on the album, again with great guitar work from Black accompanied by haunting vocals from Turner - critical comparisons to an early Elkie Brooks totally understandable. However, after the hard paced rocker 'Healing Hand' with excellent vocal jousting harmonies between Black and Turner - they saved their best for last - with Zep's 'Since I've Been Loving You' - which was awesome. Turner's diction and delivery was spellbinding as was Black's guitar homage to JP." That was part of our take on Born Healer's set at BluesRockfest in September 2016, so we were delighted to hear from Helen and the crew recently re: their great new song/video 'Forgot To Forget' which is today's Video Of The Day.

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