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Force Convergence 1/9/20

Canadian legends Entropy first hit the Metal scene in the late 80's and 30 years later they are still melting faces, this time with their new full length, 'Force Convergence', released last Friday, of which their track, 'Ripzone', is today's Video Of The Day. This is the band's fourth album, with all the Entropy albums so far having a different feel to them, and this new one is no exception, forging its own path, described as their best yet. Indeed, it's a story-driven cinematic type experience, with the Progressive Thrash Metal concept album already getting excellent reviews. It's not only a 30-minute Metal rip-ride, but it's a creative and fun album that flows with power, melody, aggressiveness and meaning. With an original and eclectic sound that is 30 years in the making, Entropy is suitable for all Metalheads especially those who enjoy Slayer, Pantera and Iron Maiden.

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