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Flying Colors Third Degree 15/8/19

Flying Colors release their brand new album ‘Third Degree’ on Friday 4th October via Music Theories Recordings. Whenever guitarist Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, ex-Kansas), drummer Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs, ex-Dream Theater, Transatlantic), keyboardist/vocalist Neal Morse (Transatlantic, ex-Spock’s Beard, and a prolific solo artist in his own right), bassist Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, ex-Joe Satriani) and powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev, The Sea Within) - are able to conjoin their collective talents, the result is a sweet sonic bouillabaisse that reflects where their inherent mastery of melody intersects with top-shelf Progressive musicianship. ‘Third Degree’ builds upon the genre-bending momentum of 2012’s self-titled 'Flying Colors' and the aural-template ascension of 2014’s 'Second Nature'. From the skittery Psychedelic/Classical turnaround of the lead single 'More' (Video Of The Day) to the Beach Boys-meet-Asia vibe of 'Love Letter' to the deep emotionality of the album-ending, Prog-leaning epic 'Crawl', the nine tracks that comprise 'Third Degree' signify just how much Flying Colors are willing to explore new frontiers.

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