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Flight Brigade Academy Tonight 24/10/19

"The only problem I had reviewing this album, and it was a serious problem, is that I couldn't stop from repeating each song multiple, multiple times. It took a long time to get through the album, but thankfully to the excellent narratives (read the narrative for the song 'Sirens') of each song on this album(, and very late nights, I heard each song . . . multiple times! It really is my favourite album in years, it is excellent. I know we all have different perspectives; we hear differently but I would encourage you to listen to this album; you won't be disappointed." That was part of our take on Flight Brigade's 'Chased By Wolves' album released last month, and the Hampshire based seven-piece band of family members are playing London's O2 Academy Islingtontonight as part of their current UK October tour.

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