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Flames Are Calling 11/4/18

Mutant Proof will be releasing their eponymous catchy debut album produced by Siggi Bemm on Friday 27th April. A fresh mix of Punk rhythms, Rock melodies, Metal riffs and highly relevant lyrics, check out the upbeat but intense Rock tune of the album opener 'Flames Are Calling' - today's Video Of The Day - which is enough to burn the album into memory where it's guaranteed to linger. The experienced musicians from Dortmund (previous bands include Phantoms Of Future, Backlash, Regatta de Blanc, Powerball) set themselves apart from the usual mishmash and combine their various influences into ten exciting and catchy songs, that draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences, ranging from the Foo Fighters, The Clash and The Ramones, to Kiss and Kreator, and all the way to Mother’s Finest, Depeche Mode and The Police. The final result is a rousing power mix from the heart of the Ruhr Valley!

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