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Firekind's Cry For Help 17/2/21

Modern Rock 3-piece Firekind self-released their ‘What I Have Found Is Already Lost’ Deluxe Edition last October, and in advance of the release of their limited edition CD single, ‘Cry For Help’, today's Video Of The Day is a behind the scenes film of the making of the album in Los Angeles, with the highly regarded Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age, Chris Cornell). Fusing epic, soaring vocal and guitar melodies with driving, powerful drums and bass, the Devon based band consists of brothers Jas Morris (vocals and previous Guitarist Magazine Guitarist of the Year winner), Dan Morris (bass, keys) and Robin Shute (drums), although original drummer and close friend of the band, Dan Collings played on the album. With Hard Rock and Prog roots spiced with an arena sound blent in, it’s hard to pigeon hole them which bodes to a myriad of Rock tastes.


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