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Fight Them All 10/9/20

An up-and-coming Heavy Metal act from Grenoble, Rising Steel are the first ever French signing to Frontiers, who released 'Fight Them All' last Friday, of which today's Track Of The Day, 'Mystic Voices', is taken from the new album. After releasing a debut EP in 2014 and full-length album, ‘Return Of The Warlord’, in 2016, the band shared stages with acts such as Annihilator, Nightmare and Nashville Pussy, which gave them exposure to a larger international audience and alerted them to Frontiers. Following three further years of gigging and writing new material, 'Fight Them All' presents an aggressive mixture of Heavy, Power and Thrash Metal. Explosive riffing, crushing rhythms and headbanging songs are the order of the day as the quintet delivers a sound with influences coming mainly from the 1980’s NWOBHM, Hard Rock and Thrash Metal scenes. Solid and powerful Metal music, the band is inspired by the legacies of legends such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and is recommended for fans of the likes of Queensrÿche, Iced Earth and early Metallica.


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