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Fierce War For The World 2/7/20

Fueled and driven by their core fan base, Fierce Heart is back and have created what is looking like a career milestone - the fantastic new album 'War For The World', of which 'Built For Speed' is today's Track Of The Day. Not only did nine brand new tracks composed for the album come out of writing sessions conducted in Canyon West Studio near Los Angeles, but there's also a fresh take from their 1985 sessions - an all new recording bonus track of one of their classic live staples, 'Out For Blood'! Slamming drums courtesy of the inimitable Nick Forchione and thundering bass by way of Antonio Acevedo, complement the soaring and soulful vocals of Robert Reynolds, plus a brand new guitar inspiration from maestro Rex Carroll to round out the package. Fierce Heart is back, and ready to Rock your world!

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