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Femmes Fatales United 6/1/24

Symphonic Metal supergroup, Exit Eden, featuring Clémentine Delauney (Visions of Atlantis), Anna Brunner (League of Distortion) and Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite), are back to mesmerise audiences with their second studio album, 'Femmes Fatales', illustrating strength and female empowerment, that's set for release next Friday 12th January via Napalm Records, with their latest masterpiece containing original compositions as well as covers of international hits, such as today's Video Of The Day of Journey's 'Separate Ways'. With stellar vocals, an exceptional concept and high-quality production, they have not only crafted another standout album that absolutely succeeds in expanding their identity even more, but have also given fans the chance to experience three Metal queens, united as one.


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