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Felix Rabin EP Review 17/2/20

"Everything has moved up several notches here - the writing, the playing, the mood, the singing and the production all sound like the proud work of a young man taking his first steps into greatness rather than a precocious boy who’s been studying SRV in his bedroom. The feel of it puts me in mind of John Mayer’s ‘Heavier Things’ - a laid back vibe of Blues-but-not-Blues where the songs are given space to shine and subtle shades of brass pop up here and there for colour. It’s interesting how brass is used on this EP, sometimes it’s way in your face like on Gary Moore’s ‘Back To The Blues’ album and other times it’s more in laid back Miles Davis ‘Blue In Green’ territory. Whoever arranged it has done a fine job. That’s not to say Felix has put that Strat back in the case - the subject of death makes a return on the slow burner called, um, ‘Death’ where Felix gets all Gary Moore on yo’ ass, accompanied by those mournful muted trumpets."

Today read Pete Elphick's complete take here on Felix Rabin's' new EP 'Pogboy', due out on Friday 17th April, plus check out today's Video Of The Day of 'Moving On'.

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