Federal Charm CD Review 2/8/18

"With a new energy, the revitalized quartet's opening track 'Swing Sinner' sets the tone for this eleven song strong collection. As with each track Guyer delivers his vocals with (for the most part) controlled aggression, and it soon becomes obvious this is a band with a lot to say, and one that is not afraid to say it. In this instance, the questionable execution of a murderer, hence the swinging sinner. The first single from the album is 'Choke', which is currently benefiting from a lot of airplay on Planet Rock radio. A catchy hook line - “What makes you think you are the king of the world” - it tells of the dangers of privilege and self importance, along with its bass heavy riff comes a vocal style reminiscent of early Rival Sons albums, which makes this a perfect introduction to FC’s third CD."

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