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February WRC Bulletin Out Today 1/2/20

Today's February 2020 WRC Bulletin not only looks forward to our February gigs including The Wildhearts, Atomic Rooster, Born Healer, Beth Hart, Thunderstick, Supersuckers, Sweet Crisis, Amigo The Devil, Malone Sibun(pictured), Connor Selby, Ginger Baker Tribute, Joywave, Jim Kahr, Dream Theater, Myke Gray, The Marcus King Band, Goo Goo Dolls, Molly Karloff, Vex Red and Chaos Theory Festival, but we also look back at our 2019 WRC Award winners, our January gigs including Savoy Brown, Francis Dunnery's It Bites, Bernie Marsden, Aynsley Listerand Anchor Lane, plus our Malone Sibun and Anchor Lane CD reviews and our Neil Peart tribute. Don't forget that if you ever want to contribute a gig or CD review to our website then please get in touch!

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