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February WRC Bulletin Out Today 1/2/17

Today's February 2017 WRC e-mail Bulletin not only look back at our 2016 WRC Awards but also at the gigs and CD's we reviewed in January including Black Sabbath, Glenn Hughes, The Bottom Line, Richard Townend & The Mighty Bosscats and Ronnie Baker Brooks plus new bands we have introduced. As well as tickets now being on sale here for Wrinklystock 6 featuring Magic - a kind of Queen & ELO - we also look forward to February gigs including Black Orchid Empire, The Pineapple Thief and Planet Rock's Winters End! Remember just go here to sign up for FREE membership where you can get discounts on selected gigs and merchandise! And if you are not currently on our e-mail circulation list then please send us your details in the contact box below!

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