• wrinklyrockers

Farmer Boys Are Back 29/4/17

After over a decade, the chart-breaking Alternative Metal band from Stuttgart are back with the last of their three exclusive shows at the Longhorn in their home town tonight! With the tour under their belt, Farmer Boys will then dive into producing a brand new album, which will be released in Spring 2018. While singer and frontman Matthias Sayer has been busy as a film composer at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Studios, guitarist Alex Scholpp has been working with famous Finnish artist Tarja Turunen since 2007. Founding member Ralf Botzenhart (bass) together with Richard Düe (keyboard) and Timmy Schreiner (percussion) will complete the band's new line up. Their first release, 'You And Me' (today's Video Of The Day) mixed by Swedish engineer Stefan Glaumann) will give you a powerful first impression of their new work!