Farewell Guys 31/1/17

"If this really is to be The End, then The End comes early to a sold out 02. It's 8.15 when the rain (inside and out) and the tolling bell usher in the band with the song of the same name. The crowd goes mental as the curtain falls, to reveal a massive stage spanning screen and a backline of fire. From the first note it's obvious the boys are in no mood to mess around and with little crowd interaction they let the music and visuals do the talking, one hundred minutes of it to be precise. Black Sabbath quickly heads into 'Fairies Wear Boots', who could possibly wish for two better opening songs? The fire is turned down (presumably before the whole band melt) although the intensity of the band is not, as they smash through Volume 4's 'Under The Sun'/'Everyday Comes & Goes'. Tony Iommi showing why he is such an admired guitarist and Ozzy's vocals right on the money."

Read the whole of Phil C's Black Sabbath London O2 Arena gig review from Sunday night here plus watch out for more pics and vids from tonight's second performance shortly.