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Faith Over Family 17/6/20

Today's Video Of The Day, ‘Faith Over Family’, is the debut offering from James Billett, the man with the balls to walk away from a decade-long songwriting career, from the guidance of none other than Elton John, from the praise of Noel Gallagher and writing sessions with John Legend. Released at the end of last month, with the rest of the EP following on Friday 31st July, accompanying the heartbreaking narrative is a video which is nothing short of breathtaking. Set amongst the cinematic landscape of Iceland, the video is more of a short film, with beautiful cinematography and a fully realised narrative and characters. The story is soundtracked by James’ whispered tones, sliding guitars and brushed drum beats, crafting a song which sounds like it’s etched on an old LP getting dusted off in a record shop in Nashville.

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