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Exhibits Work Of Art 28/10/19

Due to be released on Friday 8th November, ‘Exhibits’ is the first album in five years from Melodic Rock masters Work Of Art, led by guitarist and producer Robert Säll, and their single 'Be The Believer' is today's Video Of The Day. The group debuted in 2008 with ‘Artwork’, a record that arrived out of the blue and immediately struck a chord with genre afficionados worldwide. With a sound inspired by greats such as Toto, Giant and Journey, WOA soon established themselves as one of the most promising newcomers in the genre. Expectations for the follow-up album, ‘In Progress’, were sky high, but WOA lived up to the hype and the record was a hit in their home territory of Sweden. Their third album, ‘Framework’, followed in 2014 and kept the momentum going. ‘Exhibits’ is the logical next step for WOA and encompasses all the qualities they have displayed to date. Their most uptempo and straight ahead album thus far, it nevertheless features softer moments, with notable highlights including legendary keyboard player Vince DiCola (writer of the ‘Training Montage’ piece on the Rocky IV soundtrack) as a special guest on ‘This Isn’t Love’. ‘Exhibits' is an album that no AOR fan can afford to miss.

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