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Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt 29/8/20

The Great Affairs are back in business, with their latest LP, ‘Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt’, a 10-song dose of unapologetically Pop-tinged Rock N' Roll, set for release on Friday 2nd October, of which the album’s first single, 'Lyvia', is now available on all streaming platforms. Following on from 2018's 'Ten & 2', that pursued a more muscular, guitar-heavy sound, now, after a handful of singles, and frontman Denny Smith’s second solo LP ‘From The Dark’ in 2019, the band runs the gamut, possibly covering more ground sonically and stylistically than all of their previous releases combined. Also consisting of Patrick Miller - lead guitar, vocals, Matt Andersen - bass, vocals and Kenny Wright - vocals, drums, percussion, the band made use of the year’s unfortunate circumstances, while logistically problematic at times, resulted in some unique collaborations, and what is arguably their most polished release to date.


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