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Even The Devil Believes Stryper 25/8/20

Once again proving their lasting durability, having sold over 10 million albums worldwide, Dove Award-winning and Grammy-nominated Rock band Stryper return with their 13th studio album, 'Even The Devil Believes', next Friday 4th September, which includes today's Video Of The Day, 'Make Love Great Again'. Filled with the band’s signature riffs, harmony-laden melodies and positive themes, it is their first record with Perry Richardson (Firehouse) on bass and backing vocals. A collection of eleven remarkable songs that will leave a strong impact on listeners, it is produced by frontman Michael Sweet. More than 35 years after emerging from the Southern California nightclub scene and ascending to prominence with Billboard Top 40 hits such as ‘Calling on You’, ‘Honestly’ and ‘Always There For You’, the ‘heavenly Metal’ quartet finds itself creating its finest, most powerful music yet.


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