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"Even Better Than The Real Thing" 20/12/15

"With the crowd already warmed up with the first two tracks, “Bono” was quick to latch on to the lyrics of the next track namely 'Even Better Than the Real Thing' by motioning to each member of the band as he repeated the lyric – no one in the crowd appeared to disagree with the sentiment. Next up was 'Mysterious Ways' which AJ had eluded too and the noise from the crowd moved up a notch. The set was moving along nicely before organiser Ciara was invited on to the stage to duet with Bono to the anthem 'I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For' (Vid Of The Day) – to say the roof came off is an understatement and it was thoroughly deserved. With the crowd fully engaged by now they were not going to slacken the pace and three heavyweight tracks followed in 'Vertigo', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'Beautiful Day' soon to be joined by 'I Will Follow'. If that wasn’t enough we still had 'The Streets Have No Name' and 'With Or Without You' to come. Brilliant evening and not just because of the quality of the band."

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