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Eurovision Finnish 22/5/21

Yet another year, and again we realise it's not cool to admit it, but tonight sees the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and today's Video Of The Day is Finland's representative, Blind Channel, a band that have been sprinting past milestones and crushing their rival’s records with their anthemic entry, ‘Dark Side’. At number 16 (out of 26) in tonight's running order, not only did their compatriots Lordi win Eurovision so memorably back in 2006, but Finland has also long been known for its love of Heavy music, with acts such as Hanoi Rocks, HIM, Nightwish, Children of Bodum, Apocalyptica and The Rasmus all enjoying major global success. Also good luck tonight to the UK's James Newman and 'Embers' (number 9 in the running order).

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