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ESP Project Rising Tonight 16/10/19

Tony Lowe’s supreme Symphonic Progressive Rock collective ESP Project released their hugely accomplished, upbeat and powerful third album, ‘The Rising’, on the Sunn Creative label last Friday, and tonight they debut ‘The Rising’ live when they headline London’s Half Moon in Putney. ‘The Rising’ effortlessly picks up from where ’22 Layers Of Sunlight’ left off, the tight four piece band shimmying through an emotive landscape sculpted by the powerful and moving music of Lowe, coupled with the insightful and heartfelt lyrics of vocalist Damien Child. Threaded through with Tony’s unmistakable guitar and keyboard playing, the fluid grooves of Pete Clark’s bass, and all underpinned by the intense energy of Greg Pringle’s drums, ‘The Rising’ exudes ‘classic third album’ syndrome.

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