Erja Lyytinen 100 Club Review 1/4/19

"It's been good fun with you folks" as Lyytinen spoilt us with a mouthwatering Mississippi Delta Blues medley. "Robert Johnson eat your heart out. How about this girl from Finland?" she added as her pink slide guitar proceeded to orchestrate some obligatory foot tapping and hand clapping from her enthusiastic faithful. It was time then for another Finnish language masterclass as we all counted down to in Finnish (yes, seriously) to the final song from her set, the unusual time signature of the head banging 'Rocking Chair' - another from 'Stolen Hearts' - essentially a true Blues track with trademark in yer face slide guitar plus a nice grooving riff and vocal, before finishing off the night with an excellent encore/cover of Hendrix's 'Crosstown Traffic', with Erja also playing a green kazoo! On a night of real Blues Rock quality, not quantity, Lyytinen once again proved that she is not only the Goddess of the slide guitar, but also has the voice, charisma, banter and looks as well. And if you made the mistake of missing Erja on tour, do console yourself by getting 'Another World' when it's released later this month. You won't be sorry!" Read the whole of AJ's Erja Lyytinen, Blues Engine and Cheri Lyn 100 Club, London, gig review from last Tuesday here plus check out Bruce Biege's Photo Gallery here.