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Eric Gales + Dom Martin Gig Review 27/6/22

"You wouldn’t typically regard Basingstoke as being the epicentre of Blues music, or any kind of music really (apologies if it is in fact home to a unique form of Hampshire folk or similar, tap and spoons maybe) but it is hard to imagine that there was anywhere else on the entire planet that hosted anything that matched the combined talents of these two fantastic guitarists on this particular night, the end of an all too short tour by the two artists. What made it all the more pleasurable was to watch and listen to the music outside of London in a venue with decent acoustics and, praise be to the patron saint of photographers, decent lighting."

We took in Eric Gales' London O2 Academy Islington gig in March, and it was so good that our prolific WRC correspondent Simon Green went along to see Eric again on the final leg of his latest six-date UK tour at Basingstoke's The Haymarket on Wednesday 8th June, with support from double 2022 UKBlues Awards winner, Dom Martin, so read today Simon's complete take of the night, plus some great photos and today's terrific Dom Martin 'Dixie Black Hand' Video Of The Day.

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