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Enuff Z'nuff Underworld Review 15/9/19

"Chip himself is an engaging large-than-life front man with a kitsch look, his hat and glasses resembling Elton John in his early seventies pomp. His constant banter with the crowd ensures the feel-good mood bubble along. He brags of his bass guitar belonging to the bassist of Cheap Trick who wife ran off with his ex-wife, but Chip got to keep his guitar - the better half of the exchange in his opinion! He goofs around with other members of the band: the lead guitarist nonchalantly glugs on his bottle of beer (or more likely a large bottle of wine) whilst Chip does his fretwork and strumming for him from behind his back and at one point the support act, Last Great Dreamers, join the stage in the backing vocals."

Today read the whole of Ivan De Mello's Enuff Z'nuff + Last Great Dreamers gig review from London's The Underworld in Camden from Monday 2nd September here, plus check out our Photo Gallery here.


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