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Enigma Experience? 13/9/20

The Enigma Experience release their debut album, 'Question Mark', on Friday 13th November via Fuzzorama Records, and the band have also unveiled their brand-new single, ‘Lonewolf’, which is today's Track Of The Day. The track opens with a Funky and Psychedelically charged Primus-esque melody before dropping into a driving groove amid crunching riffs with soaring vocal melodies. The band sees Sweden and Norway joins forces, as Truckfighters guitarist Niklas 'Mr.Dango' Källgren has teamed up with ex-Truckfighters/Witchcraft drummer Oskar 'Pezo' Johansson and Maurice Adams from Breed/Motorfinger on vocals. 'Question Mark' is a very diverse Rock record, ranging from vocal harmonies reminiscent of early 90's grunge heroes such as Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, to a furiously catchy anthem with Kallgren’s trademark fuzz-fuelled sound piercing through.


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