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Engine Room Still Running Smoothly 18/1/18

Following on from their triumphant London Half Moon Putney gig on Tuesday night, Sari Schorr's band stopped off at Southampton's Talking Heads, last night and are appearing tonight at Maidenhead's Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Skeggy'sGreat British Rock & Blues Festival tomorrow and St. Helens The Citadel on Saturday. Despite losing her 'Engine Room', Sari was terrific, Ash Wilson was killer on guitar and what can you say about the great Bob Fridzema on keys plus Matt Beable (bass) and Roy Martin (drums)? Sari's new line up is ticking over nicely - do not miss them! In the meantime, with a review to come, check out our photo gallery here courtesy of Eric Duvet and Richard Bolwell.

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