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End Of The Line ... 12 July 2015

So it's Friday evening - the sun is shining and four intrepid WRC Members are ready for a night of memories at Hampton Pool singing along to the ELO Experience and T.Rextasy. The day had been planned like a military operation - a 'healthy' fish and chip lunch - rail tickets bought in advance to ensure maximum drinking time in The Wellington before catching the 6.13pm train from Waterloo to Hampton - arriving at 6.45pm giving ample time to settle in and enjoy the barbecue before the ELO Experience took to the stage at 7.45pm - what could possibly go wrong? National Rail that is what can go wrong! Five minutes out of Waterloo and the train shudders to a halt - after several minutes it is announced that the points ahead have jammed presumably due to the hot weather and what follows would be comical if it wasn't ruining our evening! Seemingly unable to deal with the situation we are given a number of contradictory messages before the train driver walks past us and takes us back to Battersea and then eventually forward to Clapham Junction informing us that the train would be going to Fulwell. We decide to carry on and get a cab - however at Clapham Junction we are told we need to get off and go to another platform - we get off and a platform assistant announces we need to get back on but then announces a different itinery for the train followed by "can the guard tell me where this train is going?" That was enough! A hasty retreat back to Victoria for a few pints and a burger - nearest we got to a barbecue! Anyway - have a look at today's Vid Of The Day to see what we missed - sob - roll on Wrinklystock IV!

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