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Elles Bailey Wins Best Reviewed CD 2/1/20

"It’s fair to say that this young talented singer and songwriter has firmly cemented her growing reputation with this, her second album, a really fine collection of eleven songs recorded in Nashville, with her excellent band and a bunch of session musicians, including a horn section that provide a Muscle Shoals feel to several numbers, as well as closer to home in Wales. The overall feel of the album has an Americana tinged feel, both in the themes of many songs, reflecting no doubt the influence of the number of different co-writers for most songs, as well as the expansive, soulful and Bluesy musical landscape presented, definitely more Western than West Country for this Bristol born singer." That was part of our take on Elles Bailey's latest CD (see our Video Of The Day), and Elles has duly walked off with our 2019 WRC Best Reviewed CD award for 'Road I Call Home'. Watch out for our next 2019 WRC awards announcement tomorrow!

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