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Electric Airbourne 30/11/16

Australian Hard Rock band Airbourne were formed in late 2003 by the O'Keefe brothers and were soon joined by rhythm guitarist David Roads, with their debut album ‘Running Wild’ arriving in 2007. It's a fact that the band are more popular in Europe than their homeland where obviously AC/DC rule the roost in crunchy rock which unfortunately is a problem. We first caught them at Ramblin' Man this year where the size of their following was impressive. So how did the second of their two consecutive nights at Camden's Electric Ballroom in London last night pan out given that they were supported by Central Pennsylvania-based rockers and WRC favourites Crobot following the release of their new album 'Welcome To Fat City'? With more photos and a review to come - check out today's Vid Of The Day prematurely curtailed by the mosh pit!

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